Princess Diana's life to unfold in documentary The Princess ahead on 25th anniversary

By Samantha David August 14, 2022
Princess Diana's life was heavily scrutinised by the public since marrying Prince Charles

Princess Diana’s highly public and strange life, along with her tragic death is set to be retold in HBO documentary The Princess.

Mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, the late princess will have marked her 25th death anniversary on August 31.

The documentary will comprise entirely of archival footage along with commentary from the 1980s and 90s, a time where her life would have unfolded and dissected to the public.

There will be no reenactments, no narration or contemporary analysis for which the end result is to see the "real" Diana.

"Our hope is that this approach allows us to hopefully turn the camera back onto all of ourselves and ask us some difficult questions about our relationship to Diana," director Ed Perkins told TODAY

"But also more broadly, our relationship to the monarchy, our celebrity relationship."