Netflix's Never Have I Ever season 3 ends up with shocking climax

By Jean Valjean August 14, 2022
Never Have I Ever season 3 is available on Netflix to watch

With a significant surprise, Never Have I Ever's third season's 10-episode run came to an end.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who played Devi Vishwakumar, and debuted in the new season on Friday, has recently begun dating well-known athlete Paxton Hall-Yoshida, Darren Barnet. On the other hand, Jaren Lewison, who played Ben Gross, her intermittent love interest and adversary, was still seeing Megan Suri, who played Aneesa Qureshi.

However, both of those relationships ultimately fail, and by the season finale, Devi and Ben had decided to become celibate with one another.

How did we get here, then? In the season finale, Devi worried that she would die a virgin after breaking up with her new love interest, so Ben wrote her a "one free boink" voucher.

Devi visited Ben's house in the finale after later discovering she had a "one free boink" voucher from Ben in her jacket pocket and decided to take advantage of the chance.

Devi and Ben kiss as Ben closes the door to his bedroom to bring the show to a close.

"It was really special, I think, especially for Ben and Devi, who have gone through so much," Lewison, 21, told People magazine in an exclusive interview about his character Ben's evolution with Devi.

"You look all the way back at season one, and the first interaction that we see from Ben and Devi is ruthlessly making fun of her for being psychosomatic, in his words, which obviously is horrible. And now, her presenting him that one free boink card, that's unbelievable. They've come so far, and they've matured so much."

Lewison continued, "To now really be thinking about giving each other a very intimate part of each other, I think that it's really special."

"And it's really cool to be a part of a relationship as an actor that has so much depth behind those two characters and that allows you to explore so much. And it's really fun getting to do it with Maitreyi, who's one of my best friends in real life."

According to Lewison, the unexpected turn in Devi and Ben's relationship caught both performers off guard.

"I absolutely geeked out. I was like, 'Oh, my God,' " he remembered.

"I read it. I had come home after work one night. And I had done all of my classes [at USC], and I got the script in my inbox pretty late. And Maitreyi's a night owl, so she's always awake. So we both texted, 'Oh, my God! It's here!'"

He further told the outlet: "We both read it. And then we always text, 'Oh, see you on the other side,' And then, we'll talk about it afterwards. And both of us were like, 'Oh, my God!' "

According to the actor, the two like shooting situations of this nature. "What's crazy is during a lot of the romantic scenes, it's so light," he shared.

"We're just laughing, and having fun and enjoying it because we're both so comfortable with each other, and we have such a great intimacy coordinator on set," he added.

"And no matter who the director is, we've been able to really find such a comfort in doing those scenes. And those scenes are really special. They're really cool because, again, for those two characters, they don't happen that often."

"It's very obvious that they, although make each other crazy, they go out of their way to help each other and to be there for each other in the difficult times. And I think that that's really what's important to building a strong relationship that does extend, and is end game if you will. Because I think that that's what you need," he resumed. "You need that type of person in your life."

Lewison concluded by teasing about the next season:

"Both of the third season and fourth season are just incredible. And I cannot wait for everyone to see it because I just know that it's going to mean so much to so many people to see what these characters go through."