Polio detected in New York City wastewater

By Jean Valjean August 13, 2022
Polio detected in New York City wastewater 

The polio virus is circulating around in New York City extending from the Northern New York suburbs to the nations largest city. 

City and state health departments offered no such details of where in the city it was first discovered but six positive samples were collected in June and July. 

This presence of the disease in dirty water indicates wider local transmissions. 

Before Friday’s announcement, the virus had been found in wastewater in the northern New York City suburbs of Rockland and Orange counties.

A 20-year-old unvaccinated individual was known to be infected and he sought treatment in a hospital in June having difficulty walking. 

The U.S. population is highly vaccinated, but anyone unsure whether he or she received the series of shots in childhood should seek advice from a medical provider.