Pop Icon Madonna shows her 'birthday grills'

By George Johnson August 12, 2022
Madonna showing her mouth grills at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Madonna made a guest visit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon before the release of her album Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones.

The pop icon abruptly cut host Jimmy Fallon off to point out her brand-new metal teeth.

"I just got these new grills, and if I start lisping will you tell me?" she questioned Fallon.

The host replied in awe, saying, "Ooh they're beautiful! I love them."

Madonna then disclosed that she designed the accessory herself for her 64th birthday.

"They're my 'birthday grills,'" she explained.

"It's almost my birthday, so I got myself a pair of grills."

The Like a Virgin singer proceeded to expound on her "mouth jewellery" and the cause of her lifelong love of mouth metal as the interview went on.

"People have a problem with my grills, I don't know why," the Material Girl said to Fallon, who also couldn't understand why people criticized the singer for her grills.

"Why? You have been wearing them for a while," he said. To which Madonna replied, "Decades."

She resumed, "I just like the way it looks — it's mouth jewelry — and I have really ugly teeth."

Also, Fallon urged Madonna to keep her pearly whites in after she almost took them out halfway through the conversation because she thought she was lisping.

"No, don't! Leave it, it looks cool!" he told her.