Valkyrae uninstalls all dating apps; Here's Why

By Ellen James August 10, 2022
Valkyrae uninstalls all dating apps; Here's Why 

YouTube star Valkyrae spills all on why she is no longer pursuing partners on dating apps! 

The sensation is very much single and open to meet new people and mingle with them but she has deleted all the finding love apps she once used. 

In an interview with fellow 100 Thieves member Peter Parker, Valkyrae explained the reasons, "I uninstalled it, but I have tried dating apps, I get too paranoid that I’m gonna get recognized and that’s gonna be the reason why they’re trying to talk to me." 

"I’ve gotten into the habit of installing it, uninstalling it. Installing it, and then uninstalling it. I’ve actually gone on a date through a dating app. He was wonderful, he was great, but then I got too busy and I cut things off." 

Its not only Valkyrae, but also Addison Rae who shares similar fears in regards to verified dating apps, which are only used by genuine celebrities and people of note.