Prince Harry 'pompous,' 'hypocritical' for interfering in US politics: British pundit

By Samantha David August 10, 2022
Brendan O'Neill slammed comments made by Prince Harry about U.S. politics during his July speech at the United Nations

Brendon O'Neill Slammed Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s speech at the United Nations continues to be talk of the town among royal critics and British journalists.

During a recent appearance on Sky News Australia's The Bolt Report, Brendan O'Neill – former editor and columnist – poured in his opinions on the Duke of Sussex’s take on U.S. politics during his speech at a U.N. session in New York City marking Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18.

O’Neill evidently did not appreciate the royal indulging in the matters of the United States, stating the Americans don’t want Britain “wagging their fingers” at them.

He also called him and Meghan “pompous British royals” who dictate to Americans how to run their affairs.

O'Neill then accused Prince Harry of being a hypocrite for criticizing the Roe v. Wade overturn ruling despite previously dubbing the First Amendment "bonkers" during a 2021 interview.

"Last year, Prince Harry referred to the First Amendment as 'bonkers.' He said that the First Amendment of the American Bill of Rights, which guarantees freedom of speech, was disgraceful and made no sense to him," the British pundit claimed.

He continued: "And now he's posing as a defender of constitutional rights, including in relation to Roe v. Wade. [He's] another hypocrite, another finger-wagger. The sooner Americans tell him to shut up, the better."