Addison Rae deletes blasphemous bikini picture

Addison Rae sports a controversial bikini and that puts her into trouble

By Melanie Aiden August 10, 2022
Addison Rae deletes blasphemous bikini picture 

TikToker Addison Rae has recently removed all her bikini photos from social media, following intense backlash. 

She was slammed by the critics after wearing a controversial white bikini displaying words like Father, Son, Holy Spirit and this actually sparked much reaction from people who felt Rae was disrespecting Christianity. 

Under her now-deleted post, one user commented, "Nah, this disrespectful to Jesus. Sad what y’all do for money." 

"This is not okay! BLASPHEMY!" added another. 

A third person revealed, "All I’m going to say is—these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch." 

After being much dragged into the controversy and being heavily trolled the sensation finally erased it all. 

The bikini is still available to buy online. 

However, it has been reposted on Twitter by fans, who actually don't see any such issues with the themed swimwear and one even praised,  "Gorgeous love the swimsuit… I’m a Christian and not offended by it at all… others seem to be scared of a woman’s body." 

The same was previously worn by the pop icon Christina Auguilera but did not face the same amount of flak as Rae did.