Prince Harry Plans To 'Settle Scores' With Royal Family, Friends In Memoir

By Melanie Aiden August 10, 2022
Prince Harry is expected to give brutal confessions about his life in his memoir 

Prince Harry May Strike Against Queen Through His Memoir

Prince Harry is brewing fear in the firm that he may strike against Queen Elizabeth II through his memoir.

Royal author Tom Bower, according to a report by, commented that the Duke of Sussex seems intensely keen on taking down the Firm.

He said that Prince Harry "seemed willing to betray every value he formerly held dear."

"No one realized how his hostility had grown during his conversations with John Moehringer, the ghostwriter of his memoirs," Bower pointed out.

"To earn the estimated advance of about $20 million, Harry would be expected to give Moehringer emotional confessions and secret details. These would settle his scores with his family and friends."