How Queen Said Meghan Markle Is A Liar Through 'Incredible Statement'

By Ellen James August 09, 2022
How Queen said Meghan Markle is a liar through 'incredible statement'

Meghan's Increadible Statement In Oprah Interview

Queen saved face for the royal family with an 'incredible statement' after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Oprah Winfrey interview.

The Sussexes, who accused the royal family of being racists and inattentive to her mental health struggles, revealed her son Archie's skin colour was discussed before his birth.

Victoria Newton, The Sun’s editor, suggested: “The Queen then put out a statement, a considered statement, I think it was two days later saying, ‘recollections may vary’.

“To comment on something like that is incredible, and she was essentially saying that Meghan and Harry aren’t telling the truth about everything, and that’s quite a statement.”

Royal historian Robert Lacey agreed: “She expressed always her personal sympathy as a grandmother with what her grandson was going through and was complaining of.

“And then the statement also made clear what the royal rules said: you’re either in or you’re out.”