Kate Middleton Is Texting Prince Harry To Solve Rift With Prince William

By Ellen James August 09, 2022
Kate Middleton is texting Prince Harry to solve rift with Prince William

Kate Holding Conversation With Harry

Kate Middleton is allegedly holding conversations with Prince Harry in order to mend the rift between him and Prince William.

The outcome of the rumoured chats will only be revealed once Harry's memoir is published without causing any havoc in the royal family.

The source claimed: "Kate is looking to get the two brothers together when they’re all on US soil later this year, if not sooner, and the word is that Harry’s receptive to that.

"Provided Harry’s book isn’t too hurtful towards the monarchy – and there’s optimism that it’s been toned down significantly since the original drafts – then William could, with encouragement from Kate, look to build bridges with his brother and put the past behind them."

The source continued: "Kate has put a lot of effort into telling Harry how much William still loves him. She checks in with him fairly often, sometimes it’s to just say 'hi' or send him a photo of the children.

"She’s very thoughtful and will sometimes send birthday messages or congratulations after a successful speech or event he’s hosted."