Jules LeBlanc on road to recovery after getting struck by drunk driver

By Sarah Khan August 07, 2022
Jules LeBlanc 'resting and healing' following hit-and-run car accident

Jules LeBlanc has embarked on a road to recovery after getting hit by a drunk driver a couple of weeks ago.

LeBlanc’s team has posted on her social media to update fans after the YouTube star got struck by a drunk driver while in a crosswalk with friends.

“On the evening of Saturday, July 23rd, Jules was struck by a hit and run drunk driver. He flew through a red light while she and some of her friends were crossing a crosswalk in Santa Monica,” the note read.

“Jules’ face and legs were bloody, scraped, and bruised but thankfully she had no broken bones or serious injuries,” her team wrote.

They further explained that the emergency services were called and the paramedics and firefighters were on the scene almost immediately, while Saint Monica Police Department apprehended the drunk driver.

“For the past couple weeks, Jules has been resting and healing and is reaching the end of her recovery.”

They also sent a reminder to be safe, drive carefully and not drink and drive.

“Please use this incident as a reminder to drive carefully and drink responsibly at all times for the safety of others,” they wrote. “If you are ever out drinking and need help getting home, please call a friend, family member, rideshare service, or non-emergency assistance number to get home in a safe manner. Driving drunk is never worth the risk. Stay safe.”

The Side Hustle star also posted a Tik Tok video in which she shared photos of her injuries following the accident.

“only posting these to spread awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving and to clarify some of the questions & comments I’ve seen. thank you to everyone who sent love,” she captioned the video.

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