Meghan Markle Confident In Her 'Emotions' Like Princess Diana: Expert

By Ellen James August 06, 2022
Meghan Markle confident in her 'emotions' like Princess Diana: Expert

Meghan Markle Similiar To Princess Diana

Meghan Markle plays a similar to Princess Diana in Prince Harry's life.

Speaking of the confident and loving Duchess of Sussex, body language expert Darren Stanton reveals why Meghan Markle wears her emotions on sleeves.

He told The Mirror: “Similarly to Princess Diana, Meghan isn’t afraid to show her emotions.

“There’s been plenty of times she and Harry have displayed affectionate gestures towards one another publicly, holding hands and being tactile, touching each other’s elbows or back - intimate areas to touch."

He added: “She very much plays the role of his biggest supporter in their relationship, with Meghan on hand to boost Harry’s confidence in situations where he isn’t feeling as self-assured.

"Over the years we’ve seen many tell-tale gestures of Meghan helping Harry to feel at ease, like her touching his elbow when they’re out at engagements or holding his hand or arm to give reassurance.

“Another way Meghan shows Harry she is on hand to support him is by subtly placing her hand on his back - both a protective and comforting gesture," he noted.