Johnny Depp missed out on last defamation trial verdict against Amber Heard; Here's Why

By George Johnson August 06, 2022
Johnny Depp missed out from last defamation trial verdict against Amber Heard; Here's Why 

Star Johnny Depp's plans to be in the Europe and UK reportedly took a toll over his appearance in the defamation trial final verdict against ex-wife Amber Heard. 

Johnny VS Amber case went on for six weeks and eventually concluded in June. 

While Depp turned out victorious in the case, he skipped attending the verdict announcement at the Virginia court since he was in the UK.

A friend of Depp told New York Post about about Johnny's connection with Europe, " He wasn't shamed he continues to be more comfortable [in Europe] than in the US."

The Pirates of the Caribbean star had an album release plan on his mind and his concerts in the UK alongside Jeff Beck were already in the pipeline. 

"These plans were well-laid long before the trial. The tour and movie were already scheduled." 

"He was not there for the verdict because he had already made plans to tour with Jeff Beck. Johnny missed the first night of the tour so he could be in the courtroom for the closing arguments. But he would never let Jeff down. The arguments concluded and he got to the tour as soon as he possibly could." 

Depp was as thrilled as possible and celebrated his trial win in style, thanking the jury for giving his life back.