Prince Harry 'can't have it all' amid security threat

By Maryland Hargreaves August 06, 2022
Prince Harry 'can't have it all' due to ongoing security threat

Prince Harry warned against "wanting it all."

In a big warning stemming from his ongoing security dispute, Prince Harry warned against "wanting it all."

In an interview with the Palace Confidential podcast, Princess Diana's bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, made this assertion.

He started saying, "I can understand [Harry’s battle to keep his Scotland Yard security]."

"The very fact that he’s chosen a new life in America and is no longer effectively a working member of the British Royal Family and I think that is where the problem is," Wharfe added.

Amid Prince Harry's concern about security he said:

"I think he feels that when he comes back to the United Kingdom with his wife and children then that deserves some sort of protection."

"I think where he’s lost it is that nobody has said he wouldn’t get protection, I don’t think he would be given the full package that other working members of the royal daily get but the British government together with the commissioner of the police would make sure that if such a journey was made then security would be given to him but not perhaps in the format he wished," the bodyguard continued.