Beyoncé's 'Renaissance' Paves The Way For Black Artists

By Melanie Aiden August 05, 2022
Beyoncé releases her 7th studio album "Renaissance"

Beyoncé On Her 7th Studio Album Renaissance 

Singer Beyoncé has helped usher in a new era for Africans with the release of her studio album Renaissance. 

 The album, an event in global popular culture, is the first of a three-part project by the US artist. 

It  pays tribute to black dance music and again features black collaborators, including Nigerian singer-songwriter Tems, who is having a global moment of her own.

In history, there was something called the Renaissance era, characterized by the re-birth and the renewal of culture and scholarship in Europe following a period of stagnation. 

 Today, still, art – paintings, music, fashion – contributes to how people dress and behave, what they choose to post and talk about, and how they perceive themselves and society.

In the last three decades, the Crazy In Love hit-maker played a major role in shaping global popular culture, continuously empowering listeners and also sparked debate. 

 Beyoncé dedicates Renaissance, at least in part, to her late Uncle Johnny, whom she refers to as her godmother, the person who first exposed her to "the music and the culture that serve" as the album's inspiration.