Queen Elizabeth II Remains Silent On Meghan Markle's Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II did not wish Meghan Markle on her 41st birthday. Read the complete story of your favorite celebrities at only The Celeb Post.

By Samantha David August 05, 2022
Meghan Markle did not receive a birthday wish from Queen Elizabeth II 

Queen Elizabeth Remains Quite on Meghan's Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II remained tight lipped while members of the royal family gave their warm wishes to Meghan Markle on her 41st birthday.

Among the royal family members includes Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, Duke of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton who wished Prince Harry's wife amid ongoing family tensions. 

However the Queen remained silent.

Newsweek reported that this is the first time the Queen's Twitter and Instagram accounts did not mark the duchess' birthday since her marriage in 2018.