It Took Three Hours To Cover Harry Styles's Body Tattoos Before Filming, Source Told

By Ellen James August 05, 2022
Harry Styles body has 60 tattoos on it

3 Hours To Cover 60 Tattoos

The primary character in the movie Don't Worry Darling was played by the charming and affable Harry Styles, famously known for his singing.

However, because he had so many tattoos, almost 60, it needed a great deal of labour to get him ready for the candid love scenes with his on-screen wife Florence Pugh.

The former member of One Direction, who now enjoys a successful solo music career, has 60 tattoos, which cover his arms, legs, and torso.

First, each design has to be colour-corrected by makeup experts by sponging red pigment over the black.

They were then coated with a green corrector to neutralize the red tone, before being dusted with powder.

Finally, to cover them, a cream foundation was applied to complete the look.

The entire method took around three hours, according to the source.