Dropout star Amanda Seyfried admits her love for dating show, Bachelor Nation

By Melanie Aiden August 05, 2022
Amanda Seyfried is a fan of show Bachelor Nation

Amanda Seyfried as a devoted follower of the reality dating show for many years has been en route to earning a PhD in Bachelor Nation.

The 36-year-old Dropout actress confessed during an appearance on Tuesday's broadcast of Sirius XM's The Jess Cagle Show that she was a secret admirer of the ABC dating competition series.

She seemed hesitant to truly admit her affection for the show, though, much like other viewers.

"God, I struggle with it more and more each year. I really do," Seyfried with a nod of annoyance joked.

"I'm just like, this formula works. It does, but it hasn't evolved quick enough for me to feel, you know, guilt-free when I watch it," she added.

Despite her guilt, the Emmy nominee continued to express her admiration for the most recent season of the Bachelorette, which was unique in the sense that the show had two women—Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia—take the lead as dual bachelorettes in the same episode.

Expressing about the historic move on the radio show, Seyfried named it "probably the best thing that [producers] have ever done."

Though she acknowledged that she hadn't watched the most recent episode, Seyfried stated: "I know Rachel was in a tizzy."

"She was in a tizzy," Cagle's co-host Julia Cunningam acquiesced.

"You know, when anyone's having a high moment this season, the other one's having a full breakdown is what's happening."

"Which is genius," Seyfried said.

"I am most passionate about that direction from now on. I don't know how you can do it any other way because now, you don't hold all the cards."

She further added, "but I also love looking for the authenticity that you so rarely see. I will say, I think Gabby is the most self-reflective, self-confident [woman]."

"Yes, she has her issues, we all do, but she expresses herself in a way, articulates herself in a way, that I really appreciate and I don't think I've ever seen. Maybe with JoJo [Fletcher]," she resumed.

"There are no games," she added of Gabby. "I appreciate it and I love her and I miss her voice when it's Tuesday."