Kim Kardashian Looks 'Skinnier Than Before' In Drastic Weight Loss

By Ellen James August 04, 2022
Kim Kardashian looks 'skinnier than before' in drastic weight loss

Kim Kardashian's Dramatic Loss of Weight 

Kim Kardashian is making her fans worried about her body transformation.

One of the latest Kim Kardashian news is that she has undergone a drastic weight loss in recent months through allegedly unhealthy methods.

The mother-of-four was spotted in black skintight leather pants and a matching bra top this week. The diva paired her look with platinum blonde hair.

"Now she’s definitely skinnier than before but not that damn skinny," one person said.

"To me, she just looks unwell at this point," a second remarked.

"The weight loss is getting crazy. Since these are old pics too, I wonder how much weight she has actually lost," a third wondered.

"She got even skinnier??" a fourth inquired.