Logan Paul not happy with Hasim Rahman Jr. 'backing out' of Jake Paul match

By Samantha David August 04, 2022
Logan Paul not happy with Hasim Rahman Jr. for 'backing out' of Jake Paul match 

Logan Paul has called out Hasim Rahman Jr. for back-pedaling on his upcoming boxing exhibition with Jake Paul.

In a recent episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast, the YouTube star expressed his dismay over the fact that Hasim Rahman Jr. “backed out” only a week before the match was scheduled.

MVP reported Hasim had to cancel because he couldn’t make the desired weight before the exhibition.

“At what point do you not want to try to make weight because you’re a little nervous?” he questioned in disbelief. “Like, at what point is it not worth it?”

“I can’t believe it. A social media star is scaring off the real boxers,” he said referring to his brother. “They’re all backing out. The kid can’t get a fight! We feel so bad for him.”

Logan reiterated that his little brother had “lost millions” due to the failed bout, which was set to take place in New York’s Madison Square Garden and feature an undercard bout with Amanda Serrano.

“Every single fighter on the undercard no longer has a fight,” Logan continued. “Who have also been working their [expletive] off! …it’s devastating, is the word.”

Initially, Jake Paul had his fight scheduled against British boxer Tommy Fury, but he was replaced with Hasim Rahman Jr. after he could not enter the United States due to Homeland Security issues.