Meghan Markle pal calls out Prince William 'bold statement; on Diana

By Ellen James August 04, 2022

Meghan Markle Shared His Opinion On William's Statement Noting Diana's Interview

According to the most recent Meghan Markle news, her biographer Omid Scobie has offered his opinion on what Prince William said during his late mother Princess Diana's Panorama interview.

Duchess of Sussex pal Omid Scobie said William's statement noting Diana's interview had 'no legitimacy' is 'bold'.

Referring to this statement by the Duke, Mr Scobie wrote in an op-ed for Yahoo!News: "It’s a bold statement, and one I don’t agree with given that the majority of Diana’s Panorama revelations were already in [Andrew] Morton’s book years earlier

William in his interview added the interview 'should never be aired again' since it 'established a false narrative'.

Talking further about the future King's statement, Scobie added: "But our differences in opinion are exactly why it’s important for the public to have access to such a historically important interview.

"Without being able to hear Diana’s own words again, I fear we may be about to enter what could potentially lead to the slow rewriting of her life.

"After all, with stories of her suffering at the hands of the Royal Family and why she felt Charles was unfit to become the king, there are many aspects of this interview that the institution would love to be forgotten."