Queen Elizabeth II Sides With Prince William, Snubs Prince Harry In Message

By Samantha David August 04, 2022
Prince William (L) and Queen Elizabeth II (R) 

Queen Elizabeth II Praised Prince Charles And Prince Williams

Queen Elizabeth II displayed her allegiance to her family as she praised her son Prince Charles and grandson Prince William for their contribution towards the climate and effectively snubbed Prince Harry in her shocking message.

In the Lambeth Conference on Wednesday, the monarch said: "[Climate change is] threatening the lives and livelihoods of many people and communities, not least the poorest and those less able to adapt and adjust."

"I was interested to learn that the focus of your program at Lambeth Palace today is reflection and dialogue on the theme of the environment, a cause close to the heart of my late husband, and carried on by The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Cambridge," she added.

Queen Elizabeth II did not care for Harry’s climate activism even though the Duke of Sussex shared how climate change is "wreaking havoc" during his speech at the United Nations headquarters on last month.