Demi Lovato Puts Ex Wilmer Valderrama On Blast In New Breakup Song 29

By Jean Valjean August 04, 2022
Demi Lovato did not shy away from putting her romance with ex Wilmer Valderrama on blast

Demi Lovato Appeared To Make Fun Of Her Ex-Boyfriend

Demi Lovato seemingly took a dig at her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in her new breakup song 29.

The song, which is part of her eighth studio album Holy Fvck, is widely believed to be about the 42-year-old actor and of her perspective of when she first met when in her teenage years.

"Finally 29 / Funny, just like you were you at the time," the 29-year-old singer croons.

"Thought it was a teenage dream / Just a fantasy / But was it yours or was it mine?"

In another verse, she noted that she was "too young to drink wine" when the first began dating.

"Just five years of bleeders, student and a teacher / Far from innocent / what the f**k's consent? / Numbers told you not to / but that didn't stop you," the Grammy nominee sang.

The singer first met Valderrama when she was 18 and he was 29, hence referring to consent and feelings of not being in control as well as the title of the song.