Who is Andrew Tate? Former kickboxer's net worth revealed

By Maryland Hargreaves August 03, 2022
Andrew Tate is a British-American kickboxer, reality tv show star, vlogger, businessman, content creator

Who is Andrew Tate:

Former British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate has gradually made his name as the infamous internet personality for his back-to-back controversial statements and actions.

Tate initially gained notoriety during his tenure as a martial artist, competing in karate and kickboxing tournaments.

In 2016, he appeared in a reality TV show, Big Brother, from where he was removed following a leaked video in which he was beating a woman.

Tate surged in popularity online shortly after he opened his online money-making course, dubbed Hustler University.

He also spent his recreational time engaging with multiple prominent live streamers on Twitch, where he debated his worldviews with the likes of Adin Ross, Hasan Piker, xQc, and more.

Andrew Tate's Net Worth:

His net worth has been reported to be $250 million US as of 2022, considering the kickboxer has tapped into many lucrative occupations including, vlogging, sports commentating, and running his own business. 

He has previously stated that he did not earn much from his kickboxing career.

“The most money I got paid for a fight ever was one hundred thousand dollars,” Tate claimed.