Meghan Markle 40th birthday scheme 'was a bust': 'Great pass'

By Ellen James August 03, 2022
Meghan Markle 40th birthday scheme 'was a bust': 'Great pass'

Meghan Markle launched a 40x40 campaign on her birthday.

The Duchess of Sussex, who turned 40 in 2021, invited 40 of her friends to spend 40 minutes encouraging women to go back to work after COVID-19.

The idea, which was largely dubbed promising, however, did not impress royal expert Kinsey Schofield.

"I think Meghan's 40x40 campaign was a bit of a bust," she says.

"But it's hard to evaluate it without hearing or seeing any of the results. Perhaps she's playing the long game and we'll get updates this year."

"The intention was great but I think the execution was not," she continued.

"They should have followed up with unique stories about the elite mentors participating, what the women being mentored learned in the process.

"Did they get any professional opportunities because they were mentored by someone Meghan knows? That is great press."

She added: "To go radio silent makes it feel like they tried something, it didn't take off, let's pretend it didn't happen."

Meanwhile, Meghan will celebrate her 41st birthday on August 4, 2022.