Watch: Poodle turned Pokemon's Arcanine prompts giggles in adorable TikTok video

By Ellen James August 03, 2022
A poodle turned Pokemon's Arcanine is the most adorable thing you will see today

A dog turned Arcanine is receiving love from all around the world for its adorable tactics.

Gabriel Feitosa, a famous dog groomer, posted a video on TikTok, in which he transformed his poodle Edea into a Pokémon character, Arcanine via "creative grooming."

Creative grooming is a process in which a dog has its fur dyed using non-toxic products.

Feitosa described his pup's day at the park as "Pokémon Go IRL," noting that Edea made lots of friends while cosplaying as the popular dog Pokémon.

In the video, the poodle could be seen running carefree as he chased after other dogs in the park.

Its eye-catching appearance garnered a lot of attention from other children as well.

“Edea’s day on the park was like #pokemongo irl ! She made a lot of friends including two daughters that were the sweetest girls and very nice to Edea,” he gushed in the caption.

He also clarified that grooming has no effect on the functioning of a dog.

“Hope this shows that creative grooming does not hurt a dog socialization.”

Check out the adorable video below.