Mystery behind co-pilots death reportedly solved

By Ellen James August 03, 2022
Mystery behind co-pilots death reportedly solved 

Co-pilot Charles Hew Crooks body was recovered last night after he plunged from the plane near Raleigh, North Carolina, on Friday afternoon.

The pilot exited the win-engine CASA CN-212 Aviocar, in an intense emergency situation, sparking questions around whether he had fallen from the plane or jumped.

The 13-minute recording of of a 911 call made by two Federal viation Administration employees in the RDU air traffic control tower during the incident may shine some light on the event , with the workers suggesting the other pilot on the plane reported Crooks had jumped.

FAA employee said, “This is from Raleigh Airport. We have a pilot that was inbound to the field. His co-pilot jumped out of the aircraft." 

"So, they said he jumped out of the aircraft. His copilot jumped out without the parachute so he might have impact to the ground." 

He continued,  "I guess at this point in time, all we can really do is kind of do a recovery, I mean, I'm sure this pilot is going to be shaken up. I have no idea. He literally just said, 'my pilot just jumped out." 

There was no indication as to why the pilot took this step and an investigation into exactly what happened remains ongoing.

In conclusion, "They were able to land the plane on a grassy area at the airport, at around 2:40 p.m."