Angelina Jolie's exaggerated right leg pop ultimate scene-stealer

By Madison Raymond August 03, 2022
Angelina Jolie's 'exaggerated right leg pop ultimate scene-stealer 

Pink Villa's new series Vintage Point takes fans down visual memory lane, reliving Angelina Jolie's iconic leggy red carpet moment at the Oscars 2012.

Jolie might have many talented feathers under her impressive hat as a gifted actress, filmmaker and philanthropist, but she is also known as a fashion diva with many iconic moments to boast in her flourishing career.

At the 84th Academy Awards the Maleficent star had everyone stare, gasping in awe with her bold and beautiful look.

Clad in a strapless black deep velvet gown by Versace it was the risky thigh-high slit that the fashion police - actually, the entire world just couldn't stop talking about!

Most importantly it was her exaggerated provocative right leg pose that became a pop culture moment and victim to countless memes generator.

While being the presenter of the Oscar on stage, the Hollywood icon maintained the same sexy display to such an extent that it prompted Alexander Payne, Jim Rash and Nat Faxon - writers of The Descendants, who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay presented by Angelina herself - to mimic the Eternals star's dramatic, sultry angle while accepting their gift. 

Jolie back then and even now knows how to steal the spotlight in any room she enters.