Prince Harry Bags Appreciation For Selfless Act

By Betty Cruise August 03, 2022
Prince Harry joined hands with Elton John to eradicate HIV

Prince Harry Providing 'Lifesaving' Therapy To Men

Prince Harry has received a huge amount of appreciation for providing 'lifesaving' therapy to three million men.

The British royal united with Elton John in 2018 to launch MenStar Coalition to eradicate the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

The foundation, which concentrated on "engaging men in new and innovative ways to break the cycle of HIV transmission", just revealed that it had ‘trebled’ its objective.

The foundation’s rep tweeted:

"In the four years since Elton John and Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex launched Men Star at #AIDS2018, we're proud to announce that the coalition of partners have trebled our initial goal and enabled three million men to start lifesaving HIV treatment."

"95 per cent of these men are now virally suppressed meaning they can't pass the virus on!"

They further added, "MenStar has given us invaluable insight into the barriers to HIV treatment for men and will help inform future strategies on reaching the most vulnerable communities."

In reaction to the scornful notification, one of the royal fans wrote, "This is the power of H&M."

"Prince Harry is involved with all things good and positive," another fan commented.