Beyoncé faces ‘disapproval’ from Kelis upon Milkshake interpolation

By George Johnson August 03, 2022
Beyoncé faces ‘disapproval’ from Kelis upon Milkshake interpolation

Fans were thrilled to see artists like The-Dream, JAY-Z, and Drake in Beyoncé's RENAISSANCE credits, which aired before the music. One acknowledged artist, though, expressed their displeasure loudly (on Beyoncé’s website).

Kelis vented her anger on social media for being ignorant about the sampling and interpolation of her song "Milkshake".

She wrote, “My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding”.

“I heard about this the same way everyone else did. Nothing is ever as it seems, some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity, and they have everyone fooled,” said the American singer.

While 'Milkshake' is Kelis' song, she isn't given credit as a songwriter on it, nor does she have any copyrights to the song, as was quickly pointed out by fans.

Fans have noted that, at least on TIDAL, the interpolation has been fully erased from the song. Around the 1:40 mark, Kelis' "la la la" vocal sample is no longer audible in the song.