Jaden Hossler, jxdn, uses Travis Barker's help to create songs for Cooper Noriega

By Ellen James June 29, 2022
Jaden Hossler released two songs to honour late friend Cooper Noriega with Travis Barker's help 

Jaden Hossler, known as jxdn, is paying tribute to his late friend Cooper Noriega with two new songs that dropped on June 28, what could have been the late TikTok star’s 20th birthday.

Speaking to Billboard, the singer shared that he went into the studio with Travis Barker days after his friend passed away.

He said that he did not have any song planned in mind but rather used his pent up feelings to create something that was "therapeutic" and ended up creating two songs Beautiful Boy and Even in the Dark. 

"It felt like everything just stopped for me, and even to this day it still feels that way," he said.

"But especially the days after, I felt like I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t go anywhere, and I didn’t really have any words to say. I was getting really frustrated. I didn’t know what to do.

"Travis has really experienced everything that a person can experience, and he’s gone through this for sure. So I go to the studio and we didn’t plan anything, we were just talking about Cooper and how amazing he was. We weren’t worried about what the songs were gonna be, we were making them because it was therapy.

"His legacy should be positive. Cooper would genuinely be so happy that he’s making and made such an impact on so many people, and that’s all I want to show to the world."

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