Early tropical storm to develop in the Atlantic

By Jean Valjean June 27, 2022
Early tropical storm to develop in the Atlantic 

A strengthening storm is all set to move West across the Atlantic, as per weather models!

The Atlantic hurricane season officially starts on June 1 but does not usually ramp up until July or August.

Next week, a main tropical storm will come to the main developmental region already an interest to Windward Islands, which marks the divide between the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

It is not a tropical depression as yet, but it's an environment that favors organization.

To what extent the weather will intensify stays under wraps, but close tabs are being kept over it as it will evolve in the coming days.

If it manages to attain sustain winds of at least 39mph, it will be named Tropical Storm Bonnie. 

The system will wind somewhere in the Caribbean, with the prospect of affecting Central America.