Alexander Nevsky takes lead in action-pack film, Taken from Rio Bravo

Alexander Nevsky will appear in Taken From Rio Bravo, an action-thrill 

Actor Alexander Nevsky will star in and take the lead in the new western Taken from Rio Bravo, under the direction of Joe Cornet.

The other star cast includes Matthias Hues, Irina Antonenko [Gasoline Alley], Don-The Dragon-Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, John Fallon [The Shelter] and Cornet himself.

The movie is one of two upcoming films – the other, Gunfight at Rio Bravo was shot last year and will be released first – in which Nevsky plays a mysterious Russian gunslinger named Ivan Turchin.

The movie was written by Craig Hamann and ETA Films Eric Brenner will serve as its executive producer.