TikToker, OnlyFans star makes $13k from selling 'bendy thumb' photos

By Jean Valjean June 26, 2022
The TikToker is a former nurse who quit her job to pursue an OnlyFans career 

A TikToker has raised eyebrows after she shared that she makes $13,000 from selling pictures of her "bendy" thumb.

While it has become normal to sell obnoxious things like jarred sweat and jarred farts, former nurse Allie Rae told the New York Post that she left her profession to pursue an OnlyFans career.

She first began selling her thumb photos when a man wrote to her stating that he has a fetish for thumbs.

Eventually, Rae shared that she "started getting messages from other thumb lovers all over TikTok, and then made another $8,000 this month for pictures and videos of my thumbs on a steering wheel, driving, holding things, etc."

"It’s pretty crazy stuff, but I think it’s so fun," she admitted.