Money Heist: Yoo Ji Tae talks about what to expect from Spanish remake

By Betty Cruise June 26, 2022
Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, stars talked about the series

Yoo Ji Tae talked about their highly anticipated remake of Money Heist: Korea, in an interview and pictorial for Elle magazine.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, will be following the smashing Spanish series Money Heist

The series will depict the anonymous squad of robbers who join forces for an ambitious, large-scale heist on the fictional Unified Korean Mint.

Yoo Ji Tae stars as the Professor [the mastermind behind the operation], while his star-studded crew of robbers includes Park Hae Soo [who plays Berlin] and Jeon Jong Seo will be playing Tokyo.

Pointing out the major difference between the original and the remake, Yoo Ji Tae explained, "Two seasons’ worth of plot from the original version were condensed into just 12 episodes [for our remake]."

"There’s no exposition for exposition’s sake, and we only deliver the key plot points as necessary. There’s a certain pleasure that comes from the fast-paced plot development," he commented.

As for how he prepared for his role, the actor shared, "In this condensed version, I came to the conclusion that one way I could quickly show the Professor’s charms in one go was through his voice. After giving it lots of thought, I began developing the Professor’s voice while turning to narrations or animated dialogue for reference."