Brad Pitt's GQ magazine cover receives much flak

By Betty Cruise June 24, 2022
Brad Pitt's GQ magazine cover receives much flak 

The internet is in a meltdown over the latest cover of GQ Magazine featuring star Brad Pitt, or a figure resembling him. 

On Wednesday, GQ released a profile of Pitt, who was seen floating in a pool of flowers with his face frozen. 

However, the social media reactions to the cover photo were not taken lightly as some compared the Ad Astra star's pale visage to that of a corpse. 

Others described it on their Twitter handle as a total jump scare and rest likened it to a wax figure. 

Music editor of Paste Magazine Scott Russell tweeted, "Very upsetting that GQ killed Brad Pitt and displayed his corpse on their cover." 

A next user wrote, "Whoever picked that cover for brad pitt’s GQ issue is getting fireddddd," 

"Everyone asking who did the body on that Brad Pitt GQ cover," said the third. 

The photographer who shot the cover picture called it,  "A really surreal feeling to see a face that you have known so well throughout your whole life, reflected in the images of your own making." 

"It’s an even more surreal feeling to have Brad Pitt collaborating on your vision, going full in on any challenge with charm and humour, understanding the images to the core so quickly — and adding something of his own, something special — that would further enrich the story."