Rowan Atkinson spills on upcoming comeback series Man vs Bee

By Melanie Aiden June 24, 2022
Rowan Atkinson talks about the visual appeal of the Netflix series Man vs Bee

Rowan Atkinson revealed in an interview the series Man vs Bee "is a very visual thing."

The famous Mr Bean actor made his highly anticipated comeback with Netflix comedy series Man vs Bee.

Atkinson was invited as a guest for Wednesday’s episode of The One Show, alongside Angela Scanlon and Jermaine Jenas and disclosed what to expect from the series.

In the series, he plays Trevor Bingley, a recently divorced, whose life seems to be on a downhill spiral.

"It’s largely visual because it’s just Trevor [character name] in the house with a bee and the bee doesn't talk, it is a very visual thing," he stated.

He added: "I like playing him [Trevor] because he’s genuinely sweet, he’s genuinely a good-natured man.

"The real problem he has is his obsessiveness, he gets obsessed with a bee."

Regarding the upheld of shooting he told the show: "It was hard work because we were making it during COVID-19.

"Someone who had been working with me got Covid in the middle of our shoots so couldn't shoot for two weeks."

The series premieres today, June 24, on Netflix