Valkyrae, Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien become streaming besties

By George Johnson June 24, 2022
Valkyrae and Chrissy become best friends after streaming together

Streamer Valkyrae has found a friend in none other than Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien.

During a live streaming session, Valkyrae exclaim surprisingly, "she is my best friend" to Grace. 

"I love her. Her energy is the fuel to my soul. Oh my god she’s so cute," Valkyrae expressed.

Rachell 'Valkyrae' Hofstetter and Van Dien, known for her role as Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things, instantly became best friends while live streaming together on YouTube and Twitch. 

The pair gushed over each other as they said their energy matched perfectly.

Van Dien, who streams on Twitch as bluefille, got a lot of attention in June when fans found her live streaming Valorant.

Valkyrae explained after streaming that how much she loved Chrissy while Dien said exactly the same. 

It was clear that the two immediately matched the vibe and their energies had hit it off.

"She has energy that matches mine and it is very hard to find that. I don’t care, she’s my new best friend," Van Dien said.

The pair got on so well in fact, that streamer Disguised Toast joked that playing with them both was like playing with "two Valkyraes".