Ezra Miller housing mother and three kids with guns, weed, bullets

By George Johnson June 24, 2022
Ezra Miller is housing a mother and three kids with guns, weed, bullets

Ezra Miller is found to be housing three kids with their mother unsafely on his Vermont farm, and the father is worried.

According to a Rolling Stone Investigation, the father of the children, as well as two others familiar with the matter, are concerned that a 25-year-old lady and her three children, who range in age from 1 to 5, have been residing at the Vermont farm of the Flash star.

The two individuals claim they are worried about the living conditions because Miller's residence has unattended firearms scattered across the living room and mature marijuana plants are blooming on the property. One of the sources claimed that the 1-year-old infant played with a wayward bullet and put it in her mouth.

The father of the children claims that Miller flew the woman and kids to Vermont without his consent. He claims he was unable to communicate with or see his children prior to their departure and has been attempting to pick up his kids since April and that he became aware of the dangerous circumstances in the middle of May.

The mother and children, who remain unknown, appear to still be residing at the Vermont farm, at least based on Instagram posts examined by the source.

When the father was asked why he did not confront Ezra, “I don’t want [the children] to see anything like that. I just want them to see that, ‘Hey [Dad] showed up, let’s get in the car and go.’ It’s been traumatic enough”, he explained.