Jeff Wittek officially files a lawsuit against David Dobrik, details inside

By George Johnson June 23, 2022
Jeff Wittek takes legal action against former friend David Dobrik

YouTube star Jeff Wittek has officially filed a lawsuit against David Dobrik over the injuries he sustained during a Summer 2020 incident.

During a collaboration, the YouTubers were apparently doing a stunt involving a tractor that was being operated by Dobrik at that time.

Wittek claimed that he suffered "a myriad of injuries", including a broken skull, facial fractures, and eye damage after being swung on a rope tied to the excavator.

The 32-year-old initially decided against suing David, however, it seems that he had a change of heart and is now suing the member of his former Vlog Squad for $10 million in damages.

He alleged that he is dealt with wage losses and has racked up massive hospital bills as a result of the injuries he suffered.

Wittek also claimed that Dobrik never reached out with good wishes after his life-threatening incident while also confirming that he is no longer on speaking terms with him.

Dobrik dubbed the incident "the biggest regret of his life."