Khaby Lame dethrones Chali D'Amelio as most followed TikTok star

By Ellen James June 23, 2022
Khaby Lame (L) and Charli D'Amelio (R)

After months of intense competition TikTok star Charli D’Amelio has officially been dethroned from her place as the platform’s most-followed star by none other than her competitor Khaby Lame.

In a silent competition that spanned over a few months, the Senegalese-born star is now the undisputed leader of TikTok after garnering 142,389,179 followers at the time of writing, a position which Charli held for over two years.

The accomplishment comes after Khaby’s fanbase used hashtags like #KhabyToNumberOne to gain more traction.

The social media star gained following because of his comic expressions and deadpan reactions to dramatic and overstylized TikTok videos. 

Based in Italy, Khabane began making TikTok videos under the name 'Khaby Lame' after losing his job working in a factory due to the Covid-19 pandemic.