Amber Heard makes another public appearance after trial: See Pictures

By Arid Khaled June 23, 2022
Amber Heard was previously seen having dinner at an expensive restaurant with her sister, Whitney Heard

Dressed in a casual white tee with patterned trousers and her hair held up in a bun, Amber Heard was spotted doing grocery shopping at Citarella store in Southampton.

The Aquaman star has been in the glare of publicity since losing the defamation trial against her former husband, Johnny Depp. 

Last week, she was also photographed shopping at a discount store, TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton in New York.

According to the fellow shoppers, the actress was quite "unamusing" and "wasn’t talking to anyone" -- except for when she chatted up the fishmonger while picking out the salmon.

"She was very Hamptons casual. No makeup. Everyone left her alone," Page Six reported.

Zooming into her shopping cart, the publication made out some Tate’s cookies, a dash of red pepper, and lettuce, while the shoppers confirmed that they also saw her picking up "Cheerios, Diet Coke, and cauliflower."

Take a look at the photos shared exclusively by Page Six below.

There had been reports that the actress is going through a financial crisis after having to pay Johnny Depp $10 million after losing the defamation lawsuit.