Happy to be back: Emma Chamberlain ends YouTube hiatus

By Betty Cruise June 23, 2022
Emma Chimberlain is back on YouTube and internet is freaking out

Emma Chamberlain ended her six-month hiatus on YouTube with a news video.

In a video titles what's good in new york, she shared in the caption that she was, "Happy to be back."

Netizens freaked out as her latest video, uploaded on June 22, racked up half a million views.

She does not acknowledged her comeback in the video directly and even her video description is quite ambiguous.

For the unversed, Chamberlain is an extremely popular influencer, best known for her down-to-earth fashion and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube.

She’s also something of a coffee connoisseur, and owns her very own coffee company.

Chamberlain took a major step back from her biggest platform late last year.

In 2021, she revealed that she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from creating content due to the pressures of making daily vlogs and regular videos.

Besides her latest upload, she last posted a video on December 14, 2021 on YouTube.