Jesse Walters reveals how Stephen Colbert benefits from liberal privilege

By Betty Cruise June 23, 2022
Jesse Walters reveals how Stephen Colbert benefits from liberal privilege

Jesse Walters, a Fox News host, and a political commentator explains properly what will happen to his assistant ‘Johnny’ if he went ‘banging’ on people's doors, and how Stephen Colbert got away with it, because of ‘liberal privilege’.

The 43-year-old said on his Fox News show, “Imagine what would happen if "Jesse Watters Primetime" sent producers to Capitol Hill to harass the Democrats. Say I sent my assistant Johnny to bang on Nancy Pelosi's door or scream at AOC while she's recording a TikTok video.”

“Johnny is completely unleashed without any supervision, just terrorizing every liberal who gets in his way. He may even have a puppet that he's foisting in people's faces. I think that's the last time we'd ever see Johnny alive… The outrage from the Democrats and the media would be humongous”, the commentator added.

Walters continued that his assistant will be imprisoned and put in ‘shackles’, and will be all over the news. He would be put on the streets.

“They'd deliver one meal a day through that tiny little slot, and worst of all, there's no one on the inside to steam his shirts. Johnny would never survive under these conditions”, said Walter.

He further explained how all of this will not be of any effect on the media and the political parties. Furthermore, he said that they will enjoy Johnny’s imprisonment as a 'victory for democracy'.

Referencing Stephen Colbert for being ‘privileged’ enough to get away with what Johnny was not able to, Walter said that only Democrats can experience ‘liberal privilege’.

“Only Democrats are allowed to do that. Like Stephen Colbert and his dog-faced puppet soldier Triumph. Colbert essentially incited an insurrection last week,” said Walter.