B.I teams up with LOONA's Chuu for a new song 'Lullaby'

By Samantha David June 22, 2022
South Korean artist released the demo version of 'Lullaby' in February 

K-pop artist Kim Han-bin, aka B.I, is set to join forces with LOONA member Chuu for a new song.

The news was reported by The Kpop Herald on Twitter.

Chuu will lend her vocals to B.I’s track, Lullaby which was first released onto SoundCloud in February in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The collaboration will be a part of a special project by Dingo Music and will be released on local streaming platforms on June 27.  

Previously, surprise spoilers of the upcoming music project, including a video of the duo serenading, were dropped by the official social media handle of Dingo.