How YouTuber fooled the world with staged Amber Heard photo

By Jean Valjean June 22, 2022
YouTuber Classify created a photo with an Amber Heard lookalike   

Famed YouTuber Classify has shared the process of how he recreated the fake and viral Amber Heard mega-pint photo.

Having just concluded the very messy and public trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, paparazzi began swarming her which resulted in her being more scrutinised.

In one of the photos that went viral it turned out that the supposed woman in the picture that looked the defamed actress was not her in fact.

Classify shared that he scouted a look-alike whom he then flew to Los Angeles and gave her a complete makeover to look like the Aquaman star.

He said that 'Amber', posed by actress Kseniia Dubovitz, successfully fooled the public so much so that a TMZ bus that was passing by were calling the woman by her fake name.