BTS unveil their future plans

By Samantha David June 21, 2022
BTS opens up on their future plans

 BTS band members, who sent the ARMY into panic with their initial announcement of a hiatus, have some individual activities to prioritize for a while. 

Instead of going forward in the BTS's Chapter 2 they will look into some of their own fun moments but that does not really mean they are considering disbanding the team. 

The scope of their upcoming plans will be carried out with more variety giving them the chance to leap forward and grow as musicians. 

A synergistic approach between their own and the group's will be announced soon as it is currently under works. 

Preparations for the Proof album are in full swing, soon to be released.

Both the artists and the company aim to further establish BTS as a 21st century pop icon through diversification of activities.