Johnny Depp's image on castle walls, Disneyland lit

By George Johnson June 21, 2022
Johnny Depp's image on castle walls, Disneyland lit 

Hollywood star Johnny Depp's face as Captain Jack Sparrow has been projected in Disneyland. 

Depp allegedly lost out on the role in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise after ex-wife Amber Heard published an article accusing him of domestic violence. 

Post jury's final verdict in favour of Depp, Disney featured his face on top of Disneyland Paris followed by a line said by him in the movie. 

The audience cheered in for him as soon as his face appeared on screen and more scenes of the star were shown while the series theme music played in the background. 

The castle was lit with fireworks and fountains. 

A Twitter page published the whole scene sending Depp fans into a meltdown and it is the first time since 2018 that his image had been put up in the glitzy light show. 

Depp is now happy and continues to live the high lifestyle, thanking the jurors for bringing his life back which had been shattered with Heard's claims. 

His lovers are also ecstatic for the win and Depp's gaining all the fame with the show.