Julia Fox wows the masses with her bold street style

By George Johnson June 21, 2022
Julia Fox flaunts her bold look and bleached eyebrows

Model and actress, Julia Fox has made waves with her daring fashion and makeup choices.

Fox recently posted a set of photos on her Instagram with a caption that said, "decided to walk to increase the chances of being papped cuz the world needs this look."

The other post read, "Effortless actually."

The actor has previously made headlines with her signature smoky eye look and daring choices.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Fox was asked about her post.

"Well, I mean, you pick and choose. Sometimes the paparazzi get me, and I look like [expletive], you know? If they’re gonna get me, I might as well make the best of it. I feel like I’m doing a service. I’m providing a service," she told PEOPLE. "Yeah, a visual service."