Watch: LOONA takes over the fairyland in their new comeback MV

By Arid Khaled June 20, 2022
LOONA return with a mini-album Flip That 

K-pop girl group LOONA have made their much-anticipated comeback with a new mini-album Flip That and a title track of the same name.

The MV was released earlier today, June 20.

The MV of their newly released song, Flip That is set in a rich ambiance featuring stunning visuals of the members. It started with the members of LOONA entering a breezy wonderland on a vintage train.

The other setting included a pastel-toned room filled with flowers.

The members also performed visionary choreography complementing energetic lyrics in which the members are gleefully expressing their ambition to flip the world upside down.

Check out the MV below.

The mini-album features a total of six songs and the members are set to start off their tour in August.